Designed to withstand the rigorous demands of the construction industry.

Can be used on any gas or diesel portable compressor when sized correctly

Solution to oil and water contaminated compressed air from older, larger, diesel air compressors without built-in after cooling.

Stand-alone unit avoids time consuming installation inside the compressor enclosure and can be moved between multiple compressors.

Compact, rugged construction with forklift channels and easy 2" in and out air connections.

Four 24 volt DC fans to efficiently cool air flow with single fused compressor starting battery connection.

Temperature controlled fans for freeze protection and simple start and stop control.

DC fan motor is run from the compressor battery and automatically starts when the system is pressurized.

13-foot power cord with alligator clips to connect to the compressor starting battery.

Cools air to within 20° of ambient temperature to optimize moisture removal.


1-Micron coalescing filter with manual drain

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Maximum Flow 950 CFM
Maximum Operating Pressure 200 psig
Maximum Pressure Drop 5 psig
Fan Power Requirement 40 amps, 24 volts DC
Dimensions 46" W x 33" D x 36" H
Weight 398 lbs

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